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As a part of their comprehensive approach to family dental care, Drs. Seim and Wallace look forward to meeting your children and introducing them to the importance of good dental care and oral hygiene. Children’s primary or baby teeth are crucial to their eating a healthy diet and ensuring the proper development of their permanent teeth. Your child should see a dentist by age three for a complete checkup.
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The first visit to our office is all about making your child comfortable with their dentist, the office, and the unfamiliar instruments used for exams and treatment. Our goal is to get to know your child and establish a rapport that makes them comfortable with trips to the dentist. The earlier your child visits a dentist, the less likely they will develop cavities or poor oral hygiene.

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The First Visit to the Dentist

We recommend scheduling your child’s first dental checkup around their third birthday so that we can examine their primary teeth and discuss issues such as digit sucking or other concerns you may have. The first visit to our office is quick and does not involve any treatments. Holding your child in your lap is an option if your child is fearful. We ensure that you and your child are comfortable.

A gentle examination of your child’s teeth and gums is the first step. We clean your child’s teeth and, if warranted, apply topical fluoride to inhibit cavities. We may take x-rays or digital images, which can reveal tooth decay below the gum line and show us how the permanent teeth are developing beneath the gums. Finally, we will review your child’s oral hygiene routine and make recommendations for properly caring for their teeth.

First Visit Tips

Most children are not as worried about going to the dentist as their parents. To minimize any anxiety, be sure to talk about their first appointment with us positively. Mention that you have been to our office and always enjoyed the experience. A few tips to make that first dental visit pleasant and drama free include:

  • Please stop by our office before their first appointment to meet the staff and take a look around, so they know what to expect.
  • Read some age-appropriate books about children’s dentistry and trips to the dentist.
  • Explain what the dentist will be doing and why it is important.
  • Make a kid’s dentist trip into an adventure, stressing that it is exciting and interesting.
  • Let them know they can ask questions. We love to answer their questions!

How Often Should My Child See the Dentist?

Baby teeth are crucial for your child’s oral development. If they lose teeth too early or develop cavities, their ability to chew effectively is impacted. Pain from unhealthy teeth or gums also negatively affects their ability to speak clearly and can lead to their permanent teeth emerging crooked. For all these reasons, we recommend having your child’s teeth examined twice a year. Prevention and early intervention are essential for protecting your child’s oral health.

If your child develops a toothache or facial pain, do not ignore it. Contact our office for an appointment so we can alleviate their pain and treat any dental issues as soon as possible.

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Preventive Care and Oral Hygiene

Preventive care is the most crucial aspect of family dentistry, particularly for children. Kids and teens often neglect their oral hygiene. Even with reminders from their parents, they may not brush often enough or thoroughly enough. At your child’s dental appointment, we review proper brushing techniques, demonstrate flossing, and discuss healthy eating habits to ensure they know what to do to keep their teeth healthy. We also provide excellent oral hygiene guidelines for the whole family on our website, which you can review with your child at your convenience.

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Dentistry?

Both Dr. Seim and Dr. Wallace are experienced in working with children and are parents themselves. They bring patience, understanding, and humor to their interactions with their younger patients, establishing a comfortable, lifelong patient/doctor relationship. Our office is cozy and inviting, putting even the youngest patients at ease.

The convenience of having your kid’s dentist in the same location as your dentist makes it easier to maintain good oral health for the entire family. Schedule appointments for your whole family on the same day to fit your busy schedule and establish consistent visits. We look forward to meeting your child and protecting their oral health now and in the future!

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